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Price from $89,900 (+GST)


  • JOST landing legs, 3-way twist locks, high tensile flooring, tie-down points (including Rabbit Ears & Chicken Feet), 8mm thick laser cut side coaming, road-train bracket, LED side markers, EBS equipped.
  • Double welded I-Beam chassis construction allows for a tough and rigid frame.
  • BI fold ramps, Forward folding ramps are now an option.
  • Spreads from 2.5m to 3.5m as standard, also available in 4.2m spread


Length Overall Length 45 FT (13720mm)- including the ramps
Width Closed: 2500mm
Fully Widened: 3500mm or optinal 4200mm
20 inch axles: 1100mm
19.5 inch axles: 995mm
15 inch axles: 960mm
Capacity (ATM): 45 Tonnes
Capacity (GTM): 25 Tonnes
Tare Weight 11.7 Tonnes


Side Coaming 8mm Thick Cold-Rolled sheet steel. Tensile Strength = 650mPa
Flooring  Cold-Rolled flat sheet steel – High Tensile 650mPa. Under-Floor construction consists of heavy duty I-Beam cross-members, with 30 x 30 x 3mm under-floor runners for extra support.
Skid-Plate 12mm Thick Skid-Plate, with two position bolt-on king pin boss-plates fitted as standard.
Road-Train Bracket 20mm thick folded C-Channel. With extra support gussets. Constructed from 350mPa mild steel.
Rear Tail-Gate Standard ADR construction: Standard rear bumper bar installed.


4 x Deck widening cylinders individually controlled (50mm wide chrome centre)
Petrol Power-Pack is standard (Diesel upgrade optional)


  • Chassis Beams I-Beam Construction: 20mm thick Flange plates (350mPa), 8mm Webbing plate (450mPa) – Half the chassis webbing is double plated for heavy duty construction.
  • Landing Gear JOST A400 Landing Gear or equivalent.
  • King-Pin JOST (or equivalent) 50mm or 90mm.