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Freightmore Transport is an Australian born, family owned and operated semi-trailer manufacturer based in the factory district of Lonsdale, SA.

We have been operating here for over the past 15 years, and in this time have supplied countless Australians with high quality semi-trailers at unmatchable prices.

Our manufacturing process involves building all our semi trailers exactly to our Australian designs. Every new semi trailer model requires countless hours of engineer designing, drafting and testing to ensure that our semi trailers can withstand the strenuous applications they are made for, as well as standing the test of time. All of our trailers are built to exact specifications, ensuring they fully comply with all ADR requirements, and guaranteeing they are built from high grade steel with only the correct MPa strength in all areas. We enforce a standard of quality in the building of our semi trailers, focusing heavily on aspects such as welding quality and overall finish.

Unlike other companies in this industry, we do not go to great lengths to hide the fact that we import (without naming names, and there are many of them!). However, not all imports are created equal, and our stringent emphasis on steel quality, overall finish, and welding integrity; set us very far apart from our competitors.

We use many components sourced locally with brands including BPW, Maxus (Maxi-Parts), K-Hitch, FUWA, Meritor, NARVA and more. By utilising the above components we are able to offer our customers Australia wide warranty as these suppliers have great value for money as well as a presence in every state.

The quality and durability of our semi trailers have been tested over the past fifteen years on some of the most rugged freight runs including Woomera and rural mining towns in WA.

Our semi trailers are prepared fully operational for delivery, with compliance plates fitted, ready for registration and ready to put straight to work. Check out our range which includes: Drop decks, flat tops, extendables, low loaders, quad wideners, side tippers, water tankers, dollies, grain tippers, end tippers, Tilt N Slides, and now Tag Trailers!